Deadline for submitting request - August 31, 2021

Committee members are NOT automatically considered for reappointment to Association Committees.  Members currently serving on a committee, whose term expires in 2021, MUST submit a new request by August 31, 2021, to be considered for service in 2022 (unless completing a 2 or 3 year appointment on the Bylaws, Economic Development or Professional Standards committees.)

Committees to Choose From:
  • Bylaws Committee (2 year term):   Oversees the NC REALTORS® bylaws that govern the Association.
  • Diversity Committee (1 year term): Develop programs and recommend policies to help manage risk in the area of housing discrimination and to help provide equal professional services to all.
  • IMAGE Committee (1 year term) [formerly Information Management Advisory Group]:  Anticipates needs and measures the effectiveness of membership communication across all channels, with an emphasis on digital media and engagement.
  • Legislative Committee (1 year term): Monitors legislation and agency regulatory issues that affect the real estate industry, and builds an effective grass root network to achieve NC REALTORS®'s legislative and political goals.
  • Professional Standards Committee (3 year term): Responsible for promoting REALTOR® adherence to the Code of Ethics  and maintaining the Grievance and Professional Standards hearing process.
  • Risk Management Committee (1 year term):  Identifies current and potential areas of liability to REALTORS® to assist in managing the risks of doing business.
  • Residential Forms Committee (1 year term): Reviews and develops the standard residential real estate forms used by REALTORS®.  Important Note:  Service on the Residential Forms Committee is from July 1 to June 30.  If  selected to serve on the Forms Committee, YOUR TERM WILL BEGIN JULY 1, 2022 AND END ON JUNE 30, 2023.  This committee may meet up to 8 times a year in Greensboro, thus requiring an extensive time commitment.
  • REALTOR® Commercial Alliance Forms Committee (1 year term): Reviews and develops the standard commercial real estate forms used by REALTORS®. Important Note: Service on the Commercial Forms Committee is from July 1 to June 30. If selected to serve on this Committee, YOUR TERM WILL BEGIN JULY 1, 2022 AND END ON JUNE 30, 2023. This committee may meet at least 8 times a year thus requiring an extensive time commitment.
  • Economic Development Committee (3 year term): Created with the purpose of assisting local associations and NC REALTORS® in efforts to engage with and support local, statewide and global economic development and business recruitment efforts in North Carolina. Note: Only 3-4 members are appointed each year. Completion of an additional application to determine your specific qualifications in the area of economic development is required—application will be emailed upon receipt of this committee request form.
Submit your 2022 Committee request by indicating your first, second and third committee choice below.  If you select only 1 committee and are not selected for that committee, you will not be contacted further.

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Committee selection will be finalized in November—members will be notified by December 15 of their appointment.


IMPORTANT— Members are required to sign this Volunteer Service Statement to serve on any NC REALTORS® Committee, Task Force, or Advisory Group. Please agree to the Statement below by typing in your name and email address.

Dear NC REALTORS® Volunteer:

As a volunteer member of a committee, task force, advisory group or other similar body for the North Carolina Association of REALTORS®, Inc. (NC REALTORS®), assisting in NC REALTORS® mission to enhance the ability of our members to be successful, you have special responsibilities.  You also may be exposed to certain confidential information related to NC REALTORS®.  Therefore, it is important that you acknowledge and agree to the following:

1. You will maintain in confidence and not disclose or cause to be disclosed to anyone, other than NC REALTORS®, any information designated prior to or during deliberation as confidential by NC REALTORS® in NC REALTORS®'s sole discretion.  You will keep any materials containing confidential information in a safe and secure place to protect against inadvertent disclosure.  You will preserve confidential information indefinitely, even after expiration of your service. Upon expiration of your service, you will promptly return to NC REALTORS® staff, upon request, any materials containing confidential information that you have been sent or acquired relating to your work for NC REALTORS®.  This does not mean that all committee, task force or advisory group discussions are confidential; only those discussions designated in the manner set forth above are confidential. For example, assume that the Administrative Committee, during its search for a CEO, designates the deliberations as "confidential," to preserve the integrity of the search.  It would be a violation of this condition for members of the Committee to disclose such deliberations to anyone outside the Committee or except as may be required for the conduct of the Committee's business.

2. Any material developed by the committee, task force or advisory group on which you serve will be the property of NC REALTORS®, and you hereby assign to NC REALTORS® all right in and to any such material, including copyrights and other proprietary interests. For example, assume that you serve on the NC REALTORS® Forms Committee, which produces a new or revised NC REALTORS® standard form. The form is the property of NC REALTORS®.

3. You will refer all news media requests seeking interviews with or comment from you as a representative of NC REALTORS® to the NC REALTORS® Executive Vice President or her designee, who is responsible for providing prompt response to those inquiries.  You may not speak to the media on behalf of NC REALTORS® unless you have secured the prior, express permission of the CEO or his designee.  Please note:  This does not restrict you from talking to the media in your capacity as an individual REALTOR®.

Any person serving NC REALTORS® in an elected or appointed position must sign this service statement prior to serving.  Therefore, please sign this letter and send it back to the undersigned as soon as possible to confirm your acceptance of these conditions.

Thank you very much for your cooperation and your continuing work and dedication to NC REALTORS®.


REALTOR® Wendy Harris
2021 NC REALTORS® President-Elect

I agree to the Statement above. I understand that typing my name and email below constitutes a document signature.*
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