State Political Coordinator Program Application
Your membership in the North Carolina Association of REALTORS® makes you part of one of the most powerful and influential grassroots lobbying organizations in the state. A key component of our political power comes from our State Political Coordinator program.

NC REALTORS® depend on its State Political Coordinators to serve as liaisons to members of the North Carolina General Assembly. State Political Coordinators advocate for NC REALTORS® policy positions on legislative issues and serve as an industry information resource to lawmakers.

The ideal State Political Coordinator is a REALTOR® who is politically active in the community, has an established relationship with one or more legislators, and is willing to volunteer time and energy to advance REALTOR® issues. NC REALTORS®’s goal is to secure a State Political Coordinator for each member of the General Assembly.

If you are interested in becoming a State Political Coordinator for a member of the General Assembly, please complete and submit the form below. For more information, contact Michael Landes, NC REALTORS® Political Operations Director, at

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