To encourage and promote educational opportunities for REALTOR® members in the business one to three years

Applicant to submit application prior to or upon completion of recognized programs*

Applicant must be:

  • Local REALTOR® Association member

  • NCR member

  • A REALTOR® in the business 1 full year to 3 years

  • Actively listing and selling homes

Provide the following info:

  • Years as a REALTOR®

  • Area of expertise

  • Current designations

  • Local or NCR involvement

  • Intended use* of scholarship funds

*Attend and Provide documentation (receipts, certificate of completion, schedule) for recognized programs:

  • Post licensing classes

  • 3 classes attended while at NAR Annual Convention

Complete each section fully. Submit prior to or upon completion of recognized programs with appropriate documentation as requested. Upon completion of recognized programs, application must be submitted within nine months. Recipients will be notified by NC REEF president or NCR staff liaison.

$125 scholarship awarded quarterly toward completion of post-licensing class or three classes at Annual NAR Convention. Monies distributed upon receipt of proof of class completion. All scholarships expire in 12 months if not used. NO extensions allowed.

Quarterly Application Deadlines:

  • 1st Quarter: March 30

  • 2nd Quarter: June 30

  • 3rd Quarter: September 30

  • 4th Quarter: December 31

First Name*
Last Name*
License Number
License Date (MONTH/YEAR)
Cell Phone Number*
Company Name
Company Address
Reference (Manager, Broker in Charge, Other)
Local Association
Years as a REALTOR®
Current Designations Earned
Local or NCR Involvement
If you have already completed a post-licensing class, upload completion certificate below. If you have attended the NAR Convention, upload the registration receipt and schedule of the three classes attended.
Briefly describe your responsibilities in your job, number of hours worked per week in real estate, etc.
Scholarship recipients have exactly one year (12 months) from the date they receive their approval letter to submit a course complete certificate for tuition reimbursement. If scholarship recipients do not provide proof of course completion within 12 months of the date of approval, the scholarship funds will be revoked.

Upon completion of your class, please provide the course name and certificate of completion. Please note, this scholarship does not reimburse or pay for annual CE as required by the Real Estate Commission.

I will allow NC REEF permission to publish my name as a scholarship recipient.*
By entering my name below, I certify that the information presented on this application is true and accurate. I understand that if my application is approved for a scholarship from NC REEF of $125, that it must be used for reimbursement of real estate education. I understand that I must complete my education within 12 months of scholarship notice, and I must submit verification of course completion to NC REEF within nine months to be awarded funds of $125.