It’s with great sadness that many of our members and communities, as you know, have been devastated by Hurricane Florence. Many areas across the state are not yet out of the woods, as active flooding is expected to continue throughout the week (as of 9/17). Many areas of our state, including the entire city of Wilmington, are not accessible; people can’t get in or out of Wilmington or other areas across the state. Some NC REALTORS®, local association staff, and communities are out of food, water, and fuel. We are in contact with some members whose homes have been decimated, are uninhabitable, and they have no way out. The situation is dire.

Please know that NC REALTORS® staff, members, and local associations who have escaped the worst of Florence are working feverishly to mobilize resources, funding, and volunteers for members and communities hardest hit. If you are fortunate to not be impacted by Hurricane Florence, we need your help. The needs are immense, and we can’t do this without you. As we determine the needs of our members and communities across the state, we will be in need of hundreds of volunteers to help with everything from phone trees, to fundraising, to hands-on recovery, to procurement and delivery of supplies.

If you can, please consider donating your time to disaster recovery efforts and complete this volunteer form.

**Please note that this form is not an immediate call for action. It is used for preliminary information gathering. 
First Name
Last Name
NRDS Number
Local Board/Association
Cell Phone Number
Phone Number
Best contact method right now
Please indicate how you can help.
I have a truck, van, or other transportation available to haul goods by roadway
I have a boat to transport people or goods by water
I have a small aircraft to transport people or goods by air
I can volunteer behind the scenes (make calls, process paperwork, etc.)
I can volunteer on site (cleanup, damage assessment, repairs)
I have other people who can volunteer (staff, friends, family)
I have heavy equipment to assist with cleanup efforts (i.e. backhoe, tractors)
I have small equipment to assist with cleanup efforts (chainsaws, power tools)
I have access to fuel; I can donate fuel
My business or local association can serve as a local supply distribution center
I have supplies I can donate (i.e. Water, Food, Cleaning, Clothes, Building Materials)
I have temporary housing available to shelter displaced members (i.e. Rental properties, Space in my primary residence)
I have permanent housing available to shelter displaced members (i.e. Rental properties, Space in my primary residence)
I have transportation available to loan to members
I have generators available
If other, please explain.